Dr . Abdulrahman Ebrahim Fakhro

Dr . Abdulrahman Ebrahim Fakhro

Dr . Abdulrahman Ebrahim Fakhro

Mr. Abdulrahman Ebrahim Fakhro,

MB, B.Ch., FRCS (Ed), FACS



FRCS, Ed, 1980

FACS, 2000

MB, B.Ch, 1971, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Diploma in Health care Management December 1996.


Present Professional Duties

Sr. Consultant Surgeon

  • Fakhro Medical Clinic,
  • King Adbulla University Hospital
  • Royal Bahrain Hospital



A- Clinical Experience:

  • With two theatre sessions per week, I’m conducting an average of 820 operations per year since 1982. These surgeries include moderate, major, and very major surgeries, Recently, I with my colleagues at the department of surgery, adopted a new technique involving an anal sphincter preserving surgery for cancer of anal canal and low rectum, and also introduced a Laparoscopic surgery, and a minimal laparoscopic invasive surgery, and assisted laparoscopic surgery in the alimentary tract and hepato – pancreatico biliary surgeries.


A paper dealing with this method has been presented at the 28th world congress of the international College of Surgeons, November 1992, and later published, (See: Publication)

  • Two busy outpatient clinic sessions per week, devoted to new and follow-up cases requiring exceptional knowledge and expertise in the fields of general and oncology surgery.
  • Preoperative assessment and postoperative patient meticulous care which require an exceptional knowledge in the preoperative diagnosis and contemplation of the accurate surgery.
  • Conducting twice weekly Breast Diseases Clinic at SMC seeing all referral cases of breast cancer referred to me from the National Breast Campaign of Bahrain Cancer Society screening program.

The ongoing National Campaign started on August 2005 by Bahrain Cancer Society in collaboration with the Ministry of Health.

  • Introducing laparoscopic and oncology surgery, lipo-suction and other surgical techniques for obesity and aesthetic surgery.
  • Contemplating various endocrinal surgeries by introducing innovative materials.


B- Professional Recognition

  • Hold Bachelor of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt 1971.
  • Intern-ship certificate Hospital of Ain Shams University, Cairo 1972.
  • Hold the fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, since 1980.
  • Hold the fellowship of the American College of Surgeon, Chicago, USA since 2000.
  • Associate professor to Arabian Gulf University since 1996.
  • Have been selected in 1990 among many surgeons all over the world to serve as an International Referee in Al-Shazli Ben Jadid Medical Award, the most distinguished medical tribute in Algeria.
  • Holds a membership of the International Surgical Association since 1983.
  • Member of the Franco- Arab Du-Cancer, an international association of oncology surgeons in the Francophone and Arab countries. It promotes the exchange of high- level expertise and knowledge in the field of cancer surgery between members. (1988 to present).
  • Undersecretary Assistant of Pan-Arab Medical Union for 10 years.
  • Active member of the pan-Arab Society of Cancer (Main Headquarters: Cairo, Egypt.
  • An active Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society, since 1989.
  • Member of the founding committee of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control.
  • Regional Editor of Gulf Journal of Oncology since 2007.


D- Managerial Qualifications:

  • Chairman, Department of surgery, Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) 1996 to 1998.
  • Chief of Medical staff, Salmaniya Medical Complex 1989-1992.

During my tenure, I was the chairman and member of the following committees:

Chairman of:

  1. Medical Board.
  2. Quality Assurance Committee.
  3. Limited Private Practice.
  4. Bed Utilisation Committee.

Member of:

  1. Credential Committee.
  2. Overseas Training Committee.
  3. Assessment Team Member.
  4. Human Structure Council.
  5. Joint Committee with CMMS (See: Academic activities)
  6. Cancer Registration Committee.
  • President of the Bahrain Medical Society, 1983 – 1988.
  • Assistant General Secretary for the pan Arab Medical Association, 1987 to 2000.
  • President of Bahrain Cancer Society from 2001 till to date.
  • Founder and Board Member of the Gulf Federation for Cancer Control


E-Research and Publications:

Have been researching in various fields of surgery and have been published several papers and articles in the international and local journals.

Published and presented the following papers and articals:

  • Fakhro A.R, Fateha B., Al-Asheeri N., & Al-Ekri, A., Breast cancer:

Patient’s characteristics and survival analysis a Salmaniya Medical Complex, Bahrain.Published in East Mediterranean Health Journal, October 1998.

  • Fakhro A.R, Fateha B., Jamahir H., and Farid I., Lymphoid Reaction and H., pylori infection among patients suffering dyspepsia in Bahrain.
  • Fakhro A.R, Fateha B., Breast Cancer profile in Bahrain. Presented at the first International Conference on Canser, organized by Bahrain Cancer Society. November, 1997.
  • Fakhro A.R, A case of adenopolyposis in a young male in Bahrain. Journal of Bahrain Medical Society, Vol.6, 1: April, 1994.
  • Fakhro A.R, Hydatid Cyst of the liver rupturing into the stomach. Case Report. Journal of Bahrain Medical Society, Vol.5,2: August,1993.
  • Hamdy H., Abdel Wahab AM, Fakhro A.R, and Mohammed A., “Application of the posterior sagittal ano-recoplasty in adults” Presented in the 28th world Congress of the International College of Surgeons Cairo, Egypt. 16-21 November, 1992.
  • Alfi A. and Fakhro A.R, Complications of Cholecystectomy. Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society, vol.4, No 1, 1992.
  • Dashti H., Fakhro A.R, et al., Experimental liver cirrhosis Trace elements Pattern. Accepted for publication as Surgical Research Communications. November 10, 1991.
  • Kamel C., Fakhro A.R, et al., Aspects of Somatization in Bahrain. Presented at the Royal College of psychiatric, 29 October, 1991.


  • Fakhro, A.R, and FatehaB. Establishing Criteria and Norms for Utilisation Management at Salmaniya Medical Center. Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society, vol.3, No.3, 1991.
  • Fakhro, A.R, Pattern of Bacteria in acute appendicitis presented at Medicare, Bahrain, October 1989.
  • Fakhro, A.R, Non – pulmonary tuberculous lymphadenitis. Presented in the pan Arab Medical Union Conference, Cairo, 1989.
  • Ramadas K. Fakhro A.R, et al., Prevalence of Helicobacter pylori among dyspeptic.
  • Fakhro, A.R, complications of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Slamaniya Medical Complex. Paper presented to the third Gastro Enterology Conference, Abu Dhabi – UAE, 1995.
  • A perspective from the GCC Presentation on Breast Cancer Screening, Bahrain Cancer Society Breast Cancer National.
  • 1st National Conference on Cancer Control in Kuwait, November 2009.
  • Presentation of SMC experience Laparoscopic Appendecectomy at International Hospital, Bah rain.
  • Paper presented on sharing Best Practice in overcoming Anti Microbial Resistance, SMC Experience. Dubai, UAE May 2009.
  • Published paper on Breast Fibromatosis, A condition that Mimics Malignancy Clinically and Radiologically, Al-Yusuf, R.H,MB BS, MRCPath, Consultant Pathalogist*, Fakhro, A.R, FRCEd, FACS, Consultant Surgeon#, M.D#. Bahrain Medical Bulletin Vol. 27 No. 4, December 2005.


Research Projects (in progress):

  • Subject “Assessment of the expression of various hormones in breast cancer tissue that are implicated in cell differentiation during lactation.
  • Detection and Characterization of circulating Tumor Cells from peripheral blood of Bahraini patient with breast cancer at Al Jawhara Centre in collaboration with Dr. Mariam Dashti and Dr. S.K. Kousar Jehan.
  • Epidemiology of breast cancer in Bahrain, experience of Bahrain Cancer Society.


Teaching and training:

  1. Acting Chairman Department of surgery, AGU.
  2. Associate Professor of Surgery, College of Medicine, Arabian Gulf University, 1986 to present.  Duties include:
  3. Academic Duties:
  4. Breast Cancer, Problem Coordinator, Year Three Unit # IV problem # 11.
  5. Resource person in surgery. Topics taught at A.G.U. included the following:
  6. Benign Breast Diseases / Breast Lumps.
  7. Cancer Breast.
  8. Gall Bladder Disease.
  9. Head Injury.
  10. Cancer Stomach.
  11. Ano-rectal Conditions.
  12. Liver Tumours.


III. Coordinator of phase II medical science seminars.  The following subjects have been taught:     Goitre, acute abdomen, breast lump, surgical oncology and GORD disease.

  1. Assessment and evaluation
  2. Member of year 6 patient Management problem committee for Final Qualifying Examination.
  3. Examiner for final year summative exam.
  4. Supervision of year 6 Medical Students selective program in surgery.


  1. Academic Advisor:
  2. Clinical duties:
  3. Clinical tutor for rotation in surgery in phase II (Year 6 & 7).
  4. Clinical tutor for teaching professional skill (Year 3, 4, & 5).
  5. Supervision of surgical training as part of internship.
  6. Assessment and evaluation of the student clinical rotation in surgery.
  7. Administrative duties:
  8. Member of the joint committee between the CMMS and Ministry of Health, 1990.
  9. Examiner and lecturer in the Arab Board of Medical Specialties, Surgery, since 1986.
  10. Examiner in fellowship examination of the Royal College of Surgeon in Ireland, previously fellowship exam and recently in MRCSI.
  11. Member of the joint Committee to co-ordinate activities between Ministry of Health and Arabian Gulf University.


1996 – 1998:  Chairman, Department of Surgery, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Ministry of Health, State of Bahrain.

1982 – 2013:  Senior Consultant surgeon, Department of Surgery, Salmaniya Medical Complex, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Bahrain.

1980 – 1982:  Registrar in General and Cardio-thoracic surgery, St. Vincent (Teaching) Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

1979 – 1980:  Sr. registrar in General surgery, King Hussain (Teaching) Medical Center, Amman, Jordan.

1978:  Fellowship course in surgery with the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

1977 – 1978: Honorary Clinical Assistance at the London Hospital White Chapel (Teaching).

3/1977 – 6/1977:  Paediatric surgical & casualty.  Queen Mary’s Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey.

1976 – 7/1977:  Sr.  House Officer.  The London Hospital, White Chapel (Teaching).

1/1976 – 4/1976:  Course in Surgery for the Final FRCS with Post Graduate Board for Medicine, Edinburgh.

5/1975 – 6/1975:  Clinical attachment for registration with Mr. Macpherson, Sr. Consultant Surgery, Royal Infirmary (Teaching), Edinburgh.

9/1974 – 12/1974:  Course in Basic science with Edinburgh Post Graduate Course for Medicine.

3/1973 – 4/1974:  Sr. House Officer, Accident and Emergency Department, Salmaniya Medical Centre, Bahrain.

9/1972 – 8/1972: House Officer, Ain-Shams University Hospital, Cairo, Egypt.

9/1971 – 4/1972:  House Officer, Ministry of Health Hospitals, Cairo Egypt.



  1. Regional Auditor – The Gulf Journal of Medical Oncology
  2. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons.
  3. Member of the American College of Surgeons.
  4. Member of the International Surgical Associations.
  5. Member of Franco Arab Du-Cancer.
  6. Member of the Bahrain Medical Society.
  7. Member of Amiri Academy of Bahrain.
  8. Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of the Bahrain Medical Society.
  9. Ex- Assistant Undersecretary for Pan Arab Medical Association


  2. Participated in the 20th United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week, Amsterdam, Netherland, October 2012.
  3. Participated in the 19th United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Week, Stockholm, Sweden, October 2011.
  4. Attended the 2011 high level meeting on Prevention and Control of Non- communicable diseases, General Assembly Meeting, United Nation, New York, September, 2011.
  5. 5th united conference “Colon cancer” in UAE-Sharja, 5-7 May 2011.
  6. Breast Cancer early detection workshop for primary physician, Alkhobar, 15 December 2010.
  7. National Cancer Control project: Screening: A perspective from the GCC-Bahrain experience, Kuwait November 9-10 2009.
  8. Advancing care, extending survival liberating lives in CRC in Prague, Czech Republic, 5-6 April 2008.
  9. First Annual USA – Qatari International Cancer Conference, April 29, 2007.
  10. Chairman of scientific committee of the 9th  overseas meeting of the Royal College of Surgeon of Ireland held in Bahrain 2006.
  11. International Conference on Recent Advances in the Management of Head and Neck Cancer held on March 2007.
  12. Attended and chaired a session at the International Conference for Early Breast Cancer held in Kuwait for Early Breast Cancer Updated multidisciplinary approach: From screening to treatment March 31 – April 1-2, 2007.
  13. 2nd International Scientific Conference at The Saudi Cancer Foundation “Cancer Forum 2007” Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia held on 21-22 February 2007.
  14. The American Academy of Continuing Medical Education – Arab Health 2007.
  15. International Breast Cancer Conference, 30th April – 1st May 2006, Doha, Qatar.
  16. 4th Roche Middle East Oncology Conference held on March 20-22, 2006, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  17. The First Bahrain Association of Pathologists Symposium (BAPS 2005)
  18. 14th European Congress at clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, 1-4 May 2004.
  19. Conference on Breast Cancer at Doha, 5th -7th October 2003.
  20. Chairman of Scientific Committee of the 2nd Conference of Bahrain Cancer Society, Facing Cancer in the New Millennium held on March 20-21, 2001.
  21. International Surgical Update: Royal Hospital and Sultan Qabos University with Royal College of Surgeons – Edinburgh.  Oman,    2-4 February 1999.
  22. International Breast Imaging Update. Vienna, Austria. 13-15 February 1998.
  23. International Meeting on Laparoscopic and Mini-invasive Surgery, Modena, Italy. 9-13 February 1998.
  24. National Arab American Medical Association Conference, 28-30 December 1997.
  25. First Bahrain Cancer Society Conference, 11-13 November 1997.
  26. Sixth United European Gastroenterology Week. Birmingham, UK.  18-22 October 1997.
  27. American College of Surgeons – Clinical Congress, 1997. Advances and controversies in the management of colon cancer, breast cancer, melanoma and sarcoma. October 13-16, 1997.
  28. Effective Management of Quality Health Care Conference. Manama, Bahrain 3-5 May, 1997.
  29. Third Emirate Gastroenterology Conference. UAE, 25-28 November 1995.
  30. Postgraduate Course in Current Cance Management. American College of Surgeons, Boston, USA, April 30-May 3, 1995.
  31. Fourth RCSI Meeting – Bahrain, 14-15 March 1995.
  32. First Medical Bahraini-German Middle East Meeting Bahrain. 18-20 October 1993.
  33. Arab Education in Medical Schools Conference, Bahrain. 16-18 February 1993.
  34. Medicare 87 Conference, Bahrain 12-15 October 1987.
  35. Workshop on Medical Writing and Editing. British Medical Journal. Bahrain 30-31 March 1986.
  36. French Society of Surgery Conference – Bazel, Switzerland, April 30, 1985.



Diploma in HealthCare Management, Ministry of Health in Bahrain, in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.  December 1996.



20th Century Award of Achievement, International Biographical Center of Cambridge, England.  June 1999.



  1. E. Dr. Ali Mohammed Fahkrao, MD

Ex-Minister of Health, Ex-Minister of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain

  1. E. Faisal Al-Mousawi, FRCSI, FRCSEd.

Ex-President of MUB, Kingdom of Bahrain

  1. Professor Hosam Hamdi, FRCS, FACS Ph.D

Vice President, University of Sharjah, U.A.E.


C- Continuing Medical Education

  • Advanced Post- graduate surgical course at the Royal College of Surgeon – Edinburgh, 1975.
  • Registered doctor with the British Medical Council, 1975.
  • SHO at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary 1975.
  • SHO at Carl Shelton Surry County Hospital, UK.
  • SHO at the London Hospital, UK.
  • Formal training as a Registrar in General and Cardio-thoracic surgery, St. Vincent (Teaching) Hospital, Dublin, Ireland from 1980 to 1982.