Dr. Fawzi Abdullah Amin

Dr. Fawzi Abdullah Amin

Dr. Fawzi Abdullah Amin

Dr. Fawzi A. Amin MBBch, FPC, MPH, Ph.D.

Head of IFRC. GCC office


United Arab Emirate


Topic Abstract


Epidemiological Pattern in GCC & World


This presentation aiming to show the epidemiological pattern for COVID-19 in GCC comparing it to the world and USA data, using the reported daily data in the form of Number of reported Cases, Number of recovered Cases, Number of reported deaths, and the number of PCR Tests.

The different parameter will be used to illustrate the situation of covid in GCC, this will include:

The cumulative number of reported Cases and Deaths figure.

Daily reported Cases and Deaths.

The proportion of reported cases and deaths for each GCC country.

Rate per million population for tests, cases, and deaths.

Rate of observed case fatality for each country

Comparison for rate per million with MENA & World.

Comparison between expected and observed reported cases and deaths.

The Epidemiological curve for each GCC country.






Born and finished his school in Bahrain, studied medicine at Cairo University, graduated in 1977, obtained his specialty certificate in Family medicine from the American University of Beirut in 1982, got his master’s degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University- Maryland, USA. Finished his Ph.D. in 1998 from Leeds University, UK.


Professional Experience:

Joined the Ministry of Health in 1979, worked in different sections and departments of both Health centers and Salmanya Medical Center for over 36 years, appointed in different leadership positions.

Appointed in 2004 by Royal decree as Assistant Undersecretary for Training, Planning, and Information.

Retired from Ministry Of Health in October 2011. Then worked as an advisor to The Chief Executive Director for King Hamad University Hospital until its official opening in 2012.


Academic Experience:

Joined the Arabian Gulf University – Faculty of Medicine as a part-timer clinical lecturer since 1987 and appointed as Assistant Professor in 1999.

He teaches in the Family Practice Program (Postgraduate) and supervises the family practice residents’ research project through his chairmanship to the research committee.

Appointed as an Editorial Board member for the Medical Journal of Bahrain Medical Society and Journal of Medicine International and Middle-East Journal of Age and Aging.

Reviewer for medical articles for the Annals of Saudi Medicine journal (since 2012 until now).

Appointed as Chairman for the Research Ethics committee for The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland – Bahrain (from 2013 until 2019 ).


International contribution:

– Worked as a short-term consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Primary Health care services & Quality initiative.

– Member of the Advisory Panel for Elderly Health care at the WHO headquarters in Geneva.

– Member of the World organization of National Colleges and Academies in Family Medicine ( WONCA) and granted an Award of the Family Physician of January 2004 ( as the first Arabic Family Physician given this award).

– Elected as a member of the advisory council for the international society for Quality in health care.

– Appointed as a Board member on the GCC Executive Office for Ministers of Health in GCC countries.


Humanitarian contribution:

– Member of Bahrain Red crescent society since 1979.

– Established a program for First Aid training, and trained several trainers who continue running the program since 1980, graduated thousands of first aiders in all categories of national and citizens in Bahrain.

– Elected as a Board member in Bahrain Red Crescent Society. (from 1990 until now).

– Elected as a Secretary-General (from 2012 until 2019).

– Led the Humanitarian and food assistance convoy to Iraq in May 2003 and represented Bahrain in the Red Cross and Crescent international meeting held in Baghdad immediately after the war.

– Member of the National Committee for the elderly, and participated in several educational activities with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and societies working for elderly care.

– Representing Bahrain Red Crescent Society as a member of the National committee for international Humanitarian Law.

-Appointed as the Head of Diplomatic Mission for IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies for GCC, Dubai office. (From 2019 until now ).