Zahra Breast Cancer Association

Zahra Breast Cancer Association

Zahra Breast Cancer Association

Organization’s Official Name: Zahra Breast Cancer Association Organization’s

Name in Arabic: جمعية الزهراء لسرطان الثدي

Acronym: ZBCA

Organization’s Name in another language: Association du cancer du sein zahra

Type: Non-Governmental

Activity: Diseases and Disorders, Health, Medical, Patient Support, Research, Women

Details: Our vision Together we seek a society free of breast cancer.


A health charity society to raise the awareness of the community about breast cancer and support injured women and recuperative ones.

Our goals

Implementation of breast cancer awareness program. Activation of the comprehensive survey program in the Kingdom. Provide specialized services for patients and respirators. Support the scientific studies of breast cancer. Activation of training programs to develop Saudi competencies.

Our Slogan

Zahra (Flower): represents the lady / Zahra daughter of Ali son of Harvesh may God’s mercy be upon her, mother of / Dr. Suad bint Mohammed bin Amer, who died by the same disease.

Sun: Its rays represent the spread of knowledge of this disease internally, regionally and internationally.

The pink logo: It has been placed in a coherent way to indicate the collective effort to fight this disease.

Their number in the logo is twelve which indicate the months of the year, during which the monthly self-examination of the breast must be performed.

The pink logo is also in the inverted form to mean (NO) NO for breast cancer.

The middle of the circle: a form of Arab Islamic decoration indicating the origin of the Society which is Saudi Arabia.

This is where the success story of Zahra started. The awareness program for breast cancer started with an idea from Dr. Suad daughter of Mohammed son of Amer in the beginning of 1421H /2001, by organizing workshops and awareness seminars in a number of universities, schools and women’s centers in Riyadh.

Then the awareness activities had expanded and developed by the formation of the Committee of the National Breast Cancer Awareness Program in 1424H / 2003 under the chairmanship of Dr. Suad daughter of Mohammed son of Amer, the chief of breast cancer research unit at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, the Committee includes a selection of specialists in different areas of Several hospitals in the city of Riyadh.

With the help of God Almighty, the Zahra Breast Cancer association was established in the beginning of the year 1428H (2007) under the chairmanship of Her Royal Highness Princess / Haifa daughter of Faisal son of Abdul Aziz and by the efforts of many charity lovers.

Phone Number: +966 3652 48301

City: Riyadh

Address: Al Mathar Al Shumali Tareeq Makkah Tul Makarramah

Country: Saudi Arabia

Website Address: